Our company is a nationally recognized, innovative legal consulting firm specializing in strategic research and placements.

Our outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go.

David Erickson

You can contact David Erickson directly at de@derickson2.com

Tim McDermott
Consultant , Midwest 

You can contact Tim McDermott at tim@derickson2.com

Michael Sugich
Consultant, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic

You can contact Michael Sugich directly at msugich@derickson2.com

Brian Hurle
Consultant, West Coast

You can contact Brian Hurley directly at bhurley@derickson2.com

Betsy Barkan
Consultant, National

You can contact Betsy Barkan directly at bbarkan@derickson2.com

Jason Conforti
Consultant, National

You can contact Jason Conforti directly at jconforti@derickson2.com