When I started in this field in 1985, New York firms were paying first years $45k, 1900 billable hours was considered a sweat shop, you put in your time and did good work at your firm, and inevitably you made partner. And back then, making partner was akin to a tenured position -- say, like a law school professor. Oh how times have changed...

But what hasn't changed is what goes into the process of making a lateral move. It has been my experience that no matter what economic climate, making a change can be a daunting experience. Here's the good news: it needn't be.When speaking with our clients, be it the firm/company hiring or the candidate thinking about a move, our job is to take you through the process. We will ascertain your goals and then work with you to achieve them. I have been involved in over 1000 placements -- by today's standard a major law firm! What I have found is that no two placements are exactly alike. Why? Because no two people are! We first listen to learn your objectives, then match those to the objectives of our clients. How we proceed from there and the advice we give is on an individual basis. Our results speak for themselves (see testimonials section). Too many times I have heard that search firms, legal or otherwise, try to talk you into where they want you to go, either because they're not listening to what you're saying, or they don't have what you're seeking.

At David Erickson Consultants Ltd, our intention is to find the right situation for you, and sometimes that even means giving you the advice to stay put; you see, it is not our belief that an imminent move is always the right move!

Relationships of all kinds take time, and it is that time (26 years and counting) I have put into making my firm a place where I would want to work. I feel it is my responsibility to find the same for the people I work with, be it an associate, partner, group or general counsel!